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In the context of these legal notices, the domain name www.kopejka-world.com (hereafter referred to as Kopejka World) will be represented by the legal entity sole proprietorship Bochtarev Oleg Vladimirovich (hereafter referred to as Bochtarev Oleg). This agreement is publicly provided by Kopejka World, as an agent to a natural or legal person, referred to as a customer, with the aim of concluding an agreement to provide excursions, tours and single trips, entry costs to cultural sites in order to establish the terms of the offer.

Applicable right


These legal notices are subject to Russian law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and / or execution is the responsibility of the Regional Court St.-Petersburg city.

Bochtarev Oleg Tax Identification number: 780207074464

Bochtarev Oleg National Registration Number: 318784700242906



Purpose of the website

The website www.kopejka-world.com is a registered commercial domain name belonging to Bochtarev Oleg. www.kopejka-world.com is an online sales platform for trips and guided tours for travelers in Russia.

The www.kopejka-world.com website, its structure and its graphical or textual elements are the property of Bochtarev Oleg. All reproduction, full or partial, without prior and explicit authorization from Bochtarev Oleg’s is totally prohibited and constitutes a sanctioned infringement of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Regarding parts 1 and 3 in particular).

IT and freedoms

For any question or inquiries on this matter, you may contact us by email at the address kopejka.world@gmail.com. All data transmitted via this site are exclusively destined for Kopejka World and may not be forwarded to a third party without authorization. For more information, refer to the chapter "Privacy policy website www.kopejka-world.com" of these very legal notices.


Tariff Information


Rates and services advertised on this website are subject to availability on the date of the booking and may vary depending on the season. Reference rates are given in US Dollars.

For all your questions and requests, please refer to our general and specific conditions of sales, or by sending an email to kopejka.world@gmail.com


Website Hosting


In case of technical questions regarding the website, please contact kopejka.world@gmail.com. This site was created by Kopejka Word. It is hosted by www.wix.com.



© ИП "Бочтарев Олег Владимирович"



Legal entity sole proprietorship Bochtarev Oleg Vladimirovich (hereafter referred to as Kopejka World) offers through the intermediary of its website www.kopejka-world.com (hereafter referred to as "kopejka-world.com") tourist services, in particular excursions, tours, visits, activities of leisure and cultural discovery. Kopejka World complies with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and more particularly the Federal Law dated November 24, 1996 on "The Basics of Tourism Activity", and the Federal Law dated February 7, 1992 on "Consumer Protection".

Kopejka World is committed to working only with accredited and authorized guides for those museums visited.

Any booking made on kopejka-world.com implies full agreement with these general conditions of sale and payment of fees due for the reservations performed on the client’s behalf. The General Conditions of Sale can be modified and updated at any time by Kopejka World. It is recommended to the user to refer to the present legal mentions regularly. Updates and modifications to these terms and conditions of sales conditions apply as soon as they are published on kopejka-world.com.


Use of kopejka-world.com

The kopejka-world.com website is available to the user free of charge (outside of connection fees to the site) for their personal use, and conditional to the respect of the conditions herein established. The use of kopejka-world.com by the user implies his full agreement with all Terms of Use.

The use of kopejka-world.com is intended for personal, non-commercial use and to make legitimate requests to order the products or services offered. The user agrees not to use kopejka-world.com to make speculative, false or fraudulent requests. The user can only use kopejka-world.com to make purchases for a legitimate purpose. No use, or misuse of services is authorized, in particular for purposes contrary to public order and morality as defined by Russian legislation. The user agrees not to use robots or other automated means to access and use kopejka-world.com, unless authorized specifically and expressly by Kopejka World and the administrator of kopejka-world.com.

Kopejka-world.com's function is to assist the user in finding services related to travel and tourism, and make appropriate bookings. In accordance with the legislation in place and with this legal notice, the user must be at least 18 years old, legally able to enter in a binding contract and use kopejka-world.com.

In the event of a failure to comply with these legal notices, Kopejka World reserves the right and without any notice, to prohibit and / or restrict access to a user of any or all part of kopejka-world.com, without prejudice to any damages and / or interests. With the exception of a fraud, of which it is the user’s responsibility to provide proof, he is financially responsible for the actions taken on kopejka-world.com. The user further guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the information concerning him which he provided on kopejka-world.com.

All acts of copying, reproduction, new publication, download, upload on the Internet, transmission, distribution to the public or other uses of the kopejka-world.com content (text, images, URL, tariff information, etc.) for purposes other than personal and non-commercial use are strictly prohibited. Any other use of kopejka-world.com content requires the express, written permission of Kopejka World.


Reservation and purchase


Some services marketed on kopejka-world.com are subject to availability. No claim for compensation can be made in case the chosen service is not available. Any reservation will be considered effective only from receipt of the voucher by the customer and not confirmation of payment sent by kopejka-world.com. The voucher, which includes the essential elements of the order, such as the identification of the service(s) ordered and the price will be sent to the user, by email shortly following the order date. The user can order via kopejka-world.com only after reading, accepting and respecting the Terms and Conditions.




Kopejka World offers open visits (visits at the date and time defined by Kopejka World, constituted by the client, its beneficiaries and other clients of Kopejka World) and closed visits (visits only made up of the client and its beneficiaries). The prices displayed on the website kopejka-world.com are subject to the terms and conditions of these two categories of visits.


Open visits


Prices quoted on kopejka-world.com are given per one car and in a currency selected by the user. Prices shown on kopejka-world.com are not subject to the number of participants. Maximum number of travelers in one car – 4 people.


Closed visits

Prices quoted on kopejka-world.com are given per car and in a currency selected by the user on a basis of maximum 4 travelers per one car. Once the number of passengers has been provided by the user, prices quoted on kopejka-world.com are given by car on the basis of the number of travelers provided by the user.

Unless otherwise stated, these prices included all taxes, defined in Russian rubles, and converted into US dollars according to the given daily conversion rate by the Central Bank of Russia. Prices displayed and set by the user cannot include the taxes and additional costs originating from the user’s bank.

Kopejka World guarantees the lowest prices of any totally equivalent service. There from  Kopejka World endeavors to offer and provide services at the lowest price. It is, however the client’s responsibility to prove the absolute exactitude of an equivalent service (date, time, location, services and services included) cheaper than that offered by Kopejka World.

Prices are subject to change without notice, and only becomes final upon receipt of confirmation. The display of prices is not in and of itself a guarantee, the latter being mentioned as an indication. Prices include all services indicated in the description of each excursion, visit, trip, or activity. The prices displayed on kopejka-world.com are only valid for bookings made directly online on kopejka-world.com. The sales mentioned on kopejka-world.com are only valid on this website and within the strict conditions defined by Kopejka World.


Payment Terms


Payment must be made at the time of booking, by credit card using secure payment system set up on kopejka-world.com, and according to the process of payment defined by these legal notices. To validate an order, the full payment must be completed.




The customer's order will only be definitively confirmed upon receipt of the voucher which will be sent to him to confirm the order, at the email address provided by the customer. The customer is to consult his email address and / or kopejka-world.com to access his voucher and is solely responsible for the printing and keeping of it. The customer must present the original voucher in paper or electronic format to the performing party so that the latter can honor the booking.

In order to avoid any fraudulent use, an identity document may be requested, as well as the signature of the voucher or the verification of the bank card used to perform the order. In no case will only bank proof to be able to serve as proof of purchase. If the purchaser is not the participant, it is imperative to contact Kopejka World prior to his visit and / or its circuit by email ( kopejka.world@gmail.com ) and / or telephone (+7 931 585 10 21).

The guide named in the voucher is provided to the client by Kopejka World as an indication. Kopejka World reserves the right, until the realization of the trips or the visit of the customer, to assign another guide to the client.

The voucher does not constitute, under any circumstances, unless stated otherwise and expressly by Kopejka World, an entrance ticket to the visited place(s). The voucher is exchanged for the entry ticket(s) from the guide mandated by Kopejka World at the beginning of the trip or tour. Therefore and in case of problem, the customer must contact Kopejka World by email ( kopejka.world@gmail.com ) and / or by telephone (+7 931 585 10 21).

Modification and cancellation of reservation

The customer can modify or cancel his order only by contacting Kopejka World to the email address kopejka.world@gmail.com in English or Russian. If the cancellation takes place in the 7 days prior to the excursion date (Moscow time) including a ticket of entry, the latter will not be refunded. If the cancellation takes place within three days of the excursion (Moscow Time), the participation fee will not be refunded. In case of modification, our teams will strive to find an alternative based on the availability of providers and services offered by Kopejka World.

Kopejka World reserves the right to cancel or modify certain tours or tours without notice if the comfort and / or safety of passengers requires it, in extreme cases, cases of strike, demonstration, administrative decision or exceptional closure. Kopejka World cannot be held responsible for changes to the booking in extreme cases and other aggravating circumstances that may arise in the tourism industry and which are not related to Kopejka World, in particular in the following cases: cancellation, delay or theft by airlines, changes to deadline when applying for visas at embassies, or refusal of the embassies to issue a visa.




Any claim must be received by Kopejka World within 45 days of the date of the visit made. Claims must be sent by mail to:

Kopejka World

96 Toreza pr., office 52

194017 St.Petersburg

Russian Federation

ИП Бочтарев Олег Владимирович

194017, г. Санкт-Петербург, пр. Тореза, д. 96, кв. 52




The schedules, programs and trip durations, visits, and activities are at risk of being modified.

In the case where a service is not correctly provided, due to the client’s actions (Incorrect information provided on services, the client does not show up at the time and place agreed upon, lack of contact with the provider), the latter will not be able to receive any refund. 

The customer is solely responsible in case of violation of the rules and loss of personal belongings. It is the responsibility of the traveler to respect the rules and laws of the Russian Federation in place. The customer accepts the terms and conditions of visit, and claims to have acknowledged the safety regulations and the specifics of the Russian Federation and the terms and conditions of his travel insurance.


Description of the information transmission process

For the payment of your purchase, you will be redirected to the payment gateway of the Alfa Bank of Russia, where you will be asked to identify your bank card information. It is recommended to ready your card in advance. The connection with the payment gateway and the transmission of information is done in protected mode with the use of the SSL encryption protocol. 

If your bank allows the secure execution of online payment Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code, it may also be necessary to enter a password. You can obtain information on how to obtain the passwords from the bank which issued your card.

This website supports 128-bit encryption. The confidentiality of information transmitted is provided by Alfa Bank of Russia. The information provided will not be transmitted to third parties, except when required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Payments by credit card are made in strict accordance with the requirements of Visa Int payment systems. and MasterCard Europe Sprl.


Description of the payment process


Credit card payment is required to confirm your purchase. After your order is finalized, you need to click the "Confirm order button ", fill in the fields of information necessary for billing your order. After validation, you will be redirected to the authentication server page where you will be asked to enter the details of your credit card, and finally initialize your authorization.

The system will inform you of the result of the authorization. In case of confirmation of payment, your order will be automatically performed according to the terms you have established. You will automatically receive a confirmation email to the address that you provided us. In case of refusal of authorization of your card, an error message will appear to offer you a new attempt at settlement or to cancel your purchase.




This privacy policy is linked to the website with address www.kopejka-world.com. This page contains all the data relating to all the information that the site administrator and a third party, such as defined by this very Privacy Policy, which happens to be collected through use of the kopejka-world.com website. This privacy policy is in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation as defined in the Code of Laws of the Russian Federation (Federal Law N 152-FZ of 27 July 2006, Federal Law N 261- FZ of July 25, 2011, Federal Law N 242-FZ of July 21, 2014 relating to the collection, use, preservation and protection of personal data).


Personal data


The user may have to spontaneously communicate certain personal data. The following information can be collected:

  • First name, last name, date of birth

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Delivery address of products or services

The personal data collected is used to process the requests of the user, and to offer the customer the services ordered on the website kopejka-world.com. The accuracy of the data collected is not verified. Therefore, the administrator can not guarantee the success of any request. 

The aforementioned personal data are collected on the website kopejka-world.com via the voluntary filing of electronic forms by the user. These forms are used to transmit the information on the website kopejka-world.com as well as third-party websites as defined in this very Privacy Policy.

The aforementioned personal data can also be collected via cookies, and in particular those of third parties as defined in this privacy policy. The collection of this data is automatic and could be stopped by the deactivation, by the user, of cookies on the browser via which he accessed the website kopejka-world.com.


Non-personal data


The collection of non-personal data is done automatically by the server hosting the site kopejka-world.com, during its browsing by the user. The collection of non-personal data is carried out by CMS tools (content management system), as well as third-party scripts installed on the kopejka-world.com website.

This automatically collected data includes the following information:

  • IP address of the user and country of his registration

  • Domain name with which the user is connected on the website kopejka-world.com

  • Links used by the user between different pages of the website kopejka-world.com

  • Information automatically delivered by the user's browser during the browsing of the website kopejka-world.com

  • Cookies retaining the visits and information necessary for the proper functioning of the website internet kopejka-world.com

  • Other data collected by third-party scripts installed on the website kopejka-world.com.

These data are non-personal and are intended to improve customer service and use of the site, as well as the analysis of its attendance by the administrator.


Distribution of data to a third party


The personal data of the user are not transmitted to companies, organizations and third parties not related to our agency, except in the cases of exceptional conditions mentioned below: 

  • Personal data available to all 

  • The personal data of the user can be voluntarily published and freely accessible by the user himself in accordance with the use of the website kopejka-world.com (for example by commenting on a performance). This action from the user being voluntary, the user tacitly agrees to the publication of this information.

  • At the request of Russian authorities

  • The information may be disclosed for the purpose of preventing fraud, misdemeanor or in accordance with the Russian legislation in place and in other cases defined by law.

  • For the provision of services and the performance of functions

  • The user agrees to the transmission of his personal data to third parties and entities necessary for the performance of the services ordered by the user on the kopejka-world.com website,

  • Some modules belonging to third-party organizations can be installed on the site and collect personal information. In this case, these third-party organizations are responsible for collecting, storing and protecting this data, in accordance with their privacy policy. By browsing on kopejka-world.com  the user gives his full and complete agreement regarding the transmission of his data via third-party modules.


Credit card


The collection, transfer and protection of the user's bank details are carried out as defined in the chapter "Payment Process" of this legal notice. The user data are exploited and protected by Alfa bank of Russia according to the PCI DSS 2.0 security standards. The connection with the payment gateway and the transmission of information is carried out in protected mode through an SSL encryption protocol. Alfa Bank does not communicate the user’s banking data nor to the administrator of the website kopejka-world.com, nor to a third party. All transactions made with payment cards are made in accordance with the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems.


Continued correspondence


By voluntarily submitting your details, you agree to receive electronic messages. In accordance with the regulations in place, you may ask to be unsubscribed from the mailing list for these messages at any time.

Protection of information

Data collected, stored and processed by the administrator of the website kopejka-world.com are protected against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure and destruction. The administrator of the website kopejka-world.com has limited access to these information.


Absence of responsibility


This Privacy Policy may only apply to the website kopejka-world.com and does not apply to websites and third-party entities that may mention the kopejka-world.com website, links to the kopejka-world.com website, and third-party websites which the kopejka-world.com website may link to. The administrator is in no way responsible for the activity of third party sites.


Change of privacy policy


The administrator reserves the right to update the internet website's privacy policy kopejka-world.com at any time. It is recommended to the user, and is his responsibility, to regularly review this privacy policy.

Contact the administrator

In case of enquiry about this privacy policy, the user may at any moment contact the kopejka-world.com site administrator of the website kopejka-world.com by referring to the information and contacts found on the website kopejka-world.com


Acceptance of the privacy policy


By using the website kopejka-world.com, you claim to be in agreement with the policy of confidentiality in place.

By using this website you agree to the use of cookies. By using this website you also fully agree to kopejka-world.com terms and conditions as published in the document “Terms and Conditions”