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Varvara. VAZ-21013. She left the assembly line in 1982 - at the same time when Ridley Scott took off "Runner on the Blade", and the Secretary General of the USSR became Yuri Andropov.

Then her popular name was "Edinichka". The youngest model of the last year of production, after 1982, the VAZ-2101 production has been stopped.

In our fleet Varvara is responsible for the element of Water, the color "Bosphorus" reminds about the imperial ambitions. In the 80's and 90's served the country house with 6 hectare, in 2000's became winner in street drift competitions.

The engine power is 63 hp.



Seraphima. VAZ-2101. She was born in the distant 1979, the same age as Vladimir Menchov's film "Moscow does not believe in tears".

By the age of 39 she became a movie star: she starred in the movie "Kopeyka" by Ivan Dykhovichny and "Wanted" by Timur Bekmambetov.

She had to pay for her fame, once Seraphima was captured by hijackers, after a long chase the valiant police returned Seraphima to the owner, but she had to be sent to rehab - to change the damaged rear bridge and wing.

The bright green Seraphima symbolizes the countyside, Russian forest and Levitan birches.

The engine power is 59 hp.


We have an option up to 15 colorful LADAs. All of them has different stories, each was carefully stored and came through all many years to bring fun to you.

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